Round-ups, 'Cue & Bee-ing Friendly

I am attending "Bee School" today for most of the day (a short course on bee-keeping), but so much is buzzzzing around here we just had to share.

First of all, the round-ups for My Legume Love Affair #31 and Bread Baking Day #36 are both up for your perusing pleasure.

Simona @ briciole received so many entries for MLLA#31 that she had to split the entries into 2 posts — they are linked together in each post, or here you can find Part One and Part Two (we're in P.2). You'll find an incredible selection of salads, breads, soups and stews made with beans or bean flours. Truly inspirational.

Need something to go with those beans? Don't miss Heather's (of Girlichef) round-up of Bread Baking Day #36 featuring breads baked with cornmeal or whole corn from avid home bakers around the world. You are pretty much guaranteed to find something corny to your taste: there are yeast breads, quick breads, flat breads, filled breads, breadsticks, steamed buns, biscuits, and sweet breads in this collection!

Second, our BBQ Feast from Mike Mills' 17th Street Bar&Grill arrived last night! Yay, BBQ! Who says poetry doesn't pay?? (photo taken with phone) Seriously, if I didn't have this class all day today, we probably would have bumped up our feasting to tonight! Well, the anticipation is killing me, but the bees are a-calling.

And speaking of bees, a last note. Holly @Tasty Travels is justifiably concerned about the plight of the gardener's best friend, the honey bee. She wants to encourage us all to consider including bee-friendly flowers as we plan our gardens for this spring. She's looking for participants who would like to swap seeds for bee-friendly flowers with others from around the world to invite bees into their gardens. Read more about participating here.