It Was A Feast: BBQ prize from Serious Eats

The Game is over. The bones gnawed clean. Digestifs imbibed. It was a feast from first to last — smoky to the core, tender in all the right places, tangy in all the right notes.

Mike Mills and his crew at 17th Street Bar&Grill have the thanks of our 6 hearty eaters for providing the incredible BBQ Feast prize we won from Serious Eats.

The chilled box arrived Friday night, packed with frozen packs

In addition to the edibles, Mike included an autographed copy of his BBQ tome, "Peace, Love and Barbecue"
(happily, the recipe for the tangy Pit Beans are in the book!)
You can order this Feast for yourself!

Pit Beans, Spicy Sauce and oh-so-smoky Pulled Pork

The Magic Dusted Ribs

Where to start first?

Our plate runneth over....