Perspective: Japan, you are not alone

It's all a matter of perspective.

Sometimes when we're troubled — something is going wrong at home or at work; a loved one is in crisis; or events a continent, an ocean, even a world away bring ripples of worry and fear to our mental shores — our focus can narrow and magnify those troubles until we feel small and alone.

Recently I learned a new phrase from my blogging friend, Kat, who lives near Osaka: Kibun tenkan, a Japanese phrase which Kat translates as "change of feeling" and which carries the sense of taking a time out, or making a change of scenery to refresh oneself.

I hope our neighbors in Japan will find a moment to spare for kibun tenkan. And I hope when they do, they will find a new perspective, and see the larger view — that they are not alone, that the world stands with them and is there to support them.

You can look to the website of the Japan Embassy in your country for the best ways to send donations and other aid to Japan. Here in the U.S., you can find ways to help here. In any case,please keep the people of Japan and the courageous responders from 9! countries who are already on site or en route in your prayers, your good thoughts, and your hearts.