On the road again...

UPDATE 08/17/08: The contest is now closed, and the winner has been sent an email requesting a mailing address. Many thanks to everyone for playing along, it was fun to track the guesses in the midst of all the chaos going on around here now.

We’re about to lose our internet connection and will be left to the whims of the internet gods for the remainder of our time here. We’ll post when possible.

UPDATE 08/06/08: The prize package is on view

Well, I guess reality is finally catching up with us and now it’s time to share with everyone that we’ll be on the move again. Three weeks from today we’ll be on a plane to ...... ????? This is the question I”m putting to you, “Can you guess where we’ll land next?” In the last 11 years we’ve lived in Germany twice, Boston once, and now Hawaii, but where is fickle Fate sending us next?

To make this somewhat interesting (and, let’s face it, less depressing for me), we’re running a contest for the next 10 days. The first person to correctly guess our next destination will receive a tasting sample featuring some of our favorite flavors of Hawaii — l
et’s call it the “Three Tastes of Hawaii” (shameless self-promotion snuck in there!) sample pack. Full details will follow when the package is assembled. If no one guesses correctly, the person who comes the closest will be deemed the winner (Google Earth/Maps is the arbiter; all decisions are final).

A few hints:

One, I can tell you that the place we’re headed is somewhere between the 35th and 45th parallells North latitude. That’s what the business with the maps is all about — the area between the shaky black lines is the area in play (you can see why cake decorating is not my thing!). If you’re like me and you could use more concrete examples, check out the list on Wikipedia of world cities listed by their latitude. The city we’re going to may or may not be on this list, but it might give you some places to start guessing.

Two, I’ll mention that this city is renown for a body of water located nearby and its many outdoor attractions.

Three, I’ll also mention that the reason we’re moving is because of T’s new job in this location and not because we plan to buy a house (as we had hoped) in this location.

OK, that’s enough to start the guessing.

Now a few rules.

1. Residents of Hawaii are not eligible — anyway, why would you want a sampling package of Hawaii, right?

2. If you actually know where we’re headed, please disqualify yourself — Sorry again, but that would be “insider guessing.” (Passing insider information will be frowned on too)

3. Leave a comment below with your guess — emailed guesses will not count toward the contest.

4. Please include an active email address in the comment form — we need it to contact you by August 17th if you’re the winner. Because time will be of the essence, please reply to the email within 24 hours or we will be forced to move on to the next closest guesser.

6. Only one entry per person please!

If more than one person guesses correctly, only the first person with the correct guess will be deemed the winner so get your guess in early.

Anyone outside the Hawaiian Islands with a valid postal address is encouraged to play. The tasting package will not be heavy so I’m willing to mail it anywhere in the world that the U.S. postal system will accept (sorry, DHL and UPS are not in my budget).

The winner will be contacted via email and the package sent before we leave, and our new hometown will be announced once we’re on the ground there.

I”m having fun putting the sampler prize package together, and will post its contents soon.

Good luck, Everyone!